Reports & Studies

    Annual Reports

    MDT’s annual report showcases the past fiscal year and highlights both the division’s and the tourism industry’s efforts with results for key performance measures. Included in these reports are the top tourism numbers for visitation, plus the spending and employment numbers by industry classification codes by county.

    Economic Impact Reports

    This report summarizes the statewide economic impact of the Missouri travel industry. For more than 15 years, this has been the most quoted report for overall annual trending information. It is often sought for details on the number of visitors to Missouri as well as information on visitor expenditures.

    Nationwide Markets

    Included within this section is detailed information about leisure visitors to Missouri from across the country/all markets and includes Missouri residents who travel within the state. Information reported includes:

    Missouri Visitor Demographic & Trip Profile Report

    Demographic Profile Particulars (Age, Party Composition, Expenditures)

    Where do Missouri’s visitors come from?

    This area looks specifically at the originating states and DMA’s of visitors to Missouri

    Activities in which travelers nationwide from ALL markets participate

    The primary type of transportation used by Missouri travelers

    Targeted Markets

    Included within this section is detailed information about the leisure visitors to Missouri from MDT’s out-of-state target markets as well as Missouri residents who travel within the state.

    Those geographic, in-state and out-of-state target audiences for 2023-2024 are:

    Base markets: State of Missouri, Springfield, Des Moines, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Memphis, Wichita, Little Rock, Fayetteville, Terre Haute and Peoria-Bloomington

    Opportunity markets: Indianapolis, Topeka, Nashville, Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, Moline, Omaha, Evansville, Cedar Rapids/Waterloo/Iowa City/Dubuque, Monroe and Lincoln

    Spill markets: Bowling Green, Chattanooga, Fort Wayne, Jackson, Jonesboro, Knoxville, Lafayette, Louisville, North Platte, Quincy, Keokuk, Rockford, Sioux City, South Bend, Tri-Cities, Sherman Ada and Wichita Falls

    Expansion markets: Sioux Falls, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Milwaukee, La Crosse/Eau Claire, Madison, Green Bay, Rochester, Mankato, Shreveport, Jackson, Greenwood/Greenville, Columbus/Tupelo/Westpoint/Houston, Dayton, Cincinnati, Huntsville, Birmingham and Lexington

    Spending information by categories of travel expenditures

    Demographic profile particulars (Age, Party Composition, Expenditures)

    Where they most often go in the state of Missouri

    Activities in which travelers from our target markets participate