Missouri Division of Tourism

Missouri Tourism Industry Information

Tourism works for the state of Missouri. That's the quick way of saying the tourism industry provides more than 304,000 tourism-related jobs, generates nearly $18 billion in tourism-related spending and contributes to the overall economic health of Missouri.

Travel promotion efforts in Missouri are led by the Missouri Division of Tourism (MDT) and are aimed at showcasing the variety of tourism assets found in the Show-Me State. MDT is a research-based organization; the division's ultimate goal is to grow market share by drawing more visitors and the spending and tax revenue they generate to and within Missouri.

Spending by visitors generates sales in lodging, food services, recreation, amusement parks, airlines, vehicle-rental companies, gas stations and retail businesses - all of which are a part of the collective "travel industry." These sales support jobs for Missouri residents and contribute tax revenue to local and state governments.

The tourism footprint in Missouri is broad, as the industry is composed of a diverse group of businesses found in every county. The money visitors spend while traveling in the Show-Me State produces business receipts at these businesses, in turn employing Missouri residents and paying their wages and salaries. State and local government units benefit from travel as well.

Industry information and resources on research and funding can be found below. The Missouri Division of Tourism maintains an index of tourism research and can send you available reports.

You will need Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Word to view documents in the MDT Research and Reports section of this website.

Research and Reports

Tourism marketing research touches every program at the Missouri Division of Tourism, providing a road map for making informed marketing decisions and monitoring the success of the division’s strategies.

By first defining the most valuable target audiences, research then guides the placement of media in those identified markets and allows MDT to maximize limited resources by buying media more effectively and efficiently.

Further, by contracting with professional research companies, purchasing relevant studies and partnering with others to develop research that will benefit Missouri, the research team tracks trends, analyzes performance measurements and provides realistic performance results for the division and the industry.