Updating Existing Submissions

If you've already got a tourism-related business or event posted on VisitMO, but you need to make changes and aren't sure how, you've come to the right place!

Here's a quick refresher course for updating an existing business listing on VisitMO.com. Please note, if you can't make updates because you've lost your username or password, send an email to ListingEditor@VisitMO.com and we'll track down the details you're missing.

All right, let's get to updating:

In the upper right corner of the Industry Portal home page, click login. Enter your username and password. After you're logged in, you'll see a new option, Manage My Listings and Events; click there.

• You're now in your personal user account. Scroll down a bit and look below the large photo, you should see four tabs: Business, Events, Travel Guide, Coupons. If you want to update an existing business or event listing, navigate to the appropriate tab (Travel Guide update details are farther down on this page). You should see the name of your businesses/events. We ask you submit your events at least 14 days prior to the event beginning.

• Next to the name of each business/event, you'll notice a graphic that looks like a pencil and paper. That's the edit button. Click on that graphic (or simply click on the name of your business or event) and you'll be directed into the listing control panel. If you worked in the Industry Portal during its previous incarnation, this is the same management tool.

• The control panel shows a series of tabs on the left side of the page and a "preview" of the listing on the right side of the page. Navigate through the tabs edit the sections of the listing you wish to amend. Remember to click the Save and Continue button each time you make changes. If you want to add extra features, such as photos or coupons, or allow other registered users to be listed as "editors" for your business/event, you can update those pieces of information by using the Related Items tab.

• When you have finished making changes, click the Submit This Listing button in the upper left corner and you're finished!

• If you simply want to verify or update your Travel Guide listing, navigate to the Travel Guide tab, click on the edit graphic (again, that's the icon that looks like a pencil and paper) and work through the pop-up that appears. When you're finished, click submit.

If you run into technical difficulties during the submission process, send an email to ListingEditor@VisitMO.com, and someone from our staff will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note, if you send a request outside of normal business hours, or during weekends, it will be the next business day before someone replies.