Co-op Programs
Missouri Division of Tourism

SEM Partnership

This pay-per-click search engine marketing (SEM) partnership is a unified, coordinated effort that drives traffic to your site and ensures you are not in competition with MDT or other Missouri participants. Unlike the Marketing Matching Grant and Marketing Platform Development programs, the SEM Partnership does not reimburse participants; rather, they will pay 50% of the total invoice directly to the vendor, Madden Media, and MDT will pay the other half. This plan is on a first-come, first-served basis and the applicant must meet the criteria for participation.

Madden Media’s SEM program participants receive custom-written ads, hands-on optimization, and monthly reporting of all key indicators. Madden Media performs an individualized website review and provides a keyword strategy for each partner. Campaigns will be established, monitored and optimized continuously to ensure fair and equitable exposure.

Limited spaces are available. For additional information, contact the Madden Media Regional Account Manager for your area,