Promote Missouri Fund Program


FY2020 Program Calendar (updated 02/13/2018)

Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) Certification
FY2020 DMO Certification will open up in September, 2018
FY2020 DMO Certification Guidelines
FY2020 DMO Certification Application
FY2020 DMO Re-Certification Application 

Marketing Platform Development (MPD)
FY2020 MPD Application
FY2020 MPD Program and Report Guide  
FY2020 MPD Reimbursement/Summary Report

Marketing Matching Grant (MMG)
FY2020 MMG Application Packet 
FY2020 MMG Budget Grid Required for MMG Application
FY2020 MMG Program and Reports Guide  
FY2020 Approved Media Markets List 
FY2020 H&L Partners Media Buying Process  
FY2020 H&L Partners Media Buying Guidelines 
FY2020 MMG Quarterly Reimbursement Report 
FY2020 MMG Revised Budget 
FY2020 MMG Project Summary Report


Artwork Approval Documents