Promote Missouri Fund Program


The Promote Missouri Fund Program will be distributed among two separate industry programs that are designed to maximize the resources of both MDT and its partners based on a county’s county tourism level.  The programs are designed to continue the strengths of the current Cooperative Marketing Program, build upon underused resources/assets of MDT, and eliminate excessive administrative requirements.

 The Promote Missouri Fund opportunities are:


  • To support and further MDT’s overall annual marketing strategy as outlined in the annual marketing plan and position Missouri to compete more effectively for travel and tourism market share during the next decade. 
  • To create programs based on the common marketing goals of MDT and its DMOs, thereby creating mutually beneficial marketing executions.
  • To create a program that is efficient to execute for both MDT and its partners.
guides, forms, and applications
FY2019 DMO Certification Guidelines
FY2019 DMO Certification Application
FY2019 DMO Re-Certification Application