Co-op Programs
Missouri Division of Tourism


The Marketing Matching Grant (MMG) program is designed to increase visitation and tourism spending in Missouri. Approved DMO media advertisement placements are reimbursed at 50% up to the approved application amount. Funding is determined by a DMO's county tourism level and this program is available to all certified DMOs. With the match of state and local funds, MMG provides meaningful financial incentive to participants and a significant economic benefit to the State of Missouri.


All components of the MMG application are required and segmented as such:

  • DMO Information
  • Project Information
  • Media Activities
  • Review Criteria
  • Media Placement (Only CTLs 5-7)
  • Required Outcome Measure
  • Authorizing Agents
  • E-Verify/Compliance Documents
  • Budget Grid

The budget grid is an Excel-formatted workbook consisting of state and matching local funds information, along with the year’s media plan broken out by advertising platforms. Advertisement placements must be selected from an approved list of media in our MMG Media & Markets List. Both the application and budget grid are due at the MDT office in Jefferson City by the dates and times listed on the program calendar. Applications arriving late will not be considered for funding. The due date for MMG applications can be found on the fiscal year calendar. MDT reviews the MMG applications on a pass/fail basis for completeness and program compliance.

Pre-approval Process

Every advertisement funded by MDT requires pre-approval from Co-op staff before being published. The Artwork Approval Form is to be completed and attached with the ad(s) each submission via email. Any changes to the approved and funded artwork must be requested in writing and approved by MDT prior to the placement of ads. All funded marketing activities must display the official tourism logo and any other specifications required, according to the Missouri Style Guide.

Quarterly Reporting & Reimbursement

Quarterly reporting of marketing activities is required for all MMG contracts. The Excel-formatted workbook auto-populates totals based on your budget grid information and the summary of activities and expenses recorded during the quarter. The DMO is to pay at least one-half of each invoice amount prior to submitting the expense to MDT for reimbursement.

All reimbursements must include a proof of expense, proof of payment and proof of performance. The reporting/reimbursement packets must be completed and filed with MDT within 60 days following the end of each fiscal quarter.

Project Summary Reporting

All MMG participants are required to submit the Project Summary Report (PSR) assessing the success of the funded project. Following the receipt of the PSR, each contract is reviewed for completeness and recorded for future MMG applications. Failure to complete these contract requirements could result in consequences.