Missouri Division of Tourism

Promote Missouri Fund Program

Help us make Missouri America’s most memorable travel destination

We want to work with you to promote Missouri and drive tourism in the state. That’s why, each year, we award grants through the Promote Missouri Fund (PMF) among two industry programs designed to maximize our resources and yours. Since its inception in fiscal year 1995, the PMF has awarded over $60 million toward the support of local performance-based tourism marketing projects. If you have an idea for a project, select one of the programs and apply!

The Promote Missouri Fund Program will be distributed among two separate industry programs that are designed to maximize the resources of both MDT and its partners based on a county’s county tourism level. The programs are designed to continue the strengths of the current Cooperative Marketing Program, build upon underused resources/assets of MDT, and eliminate excessive administrative requirements.


  • To support and further MDT’s overall annual marketing strategy as outlined in the annual marketing plan and position Missouri to compete more effectively for travel and tourism market share during the next decade.
  • To create programs based on the common marketing goals of MDT and its DMOs, thereby creating mutually beneficial marketing executions.
  • To create a program that is efficient to execute for both MDT and its partners.

Marketing Matching Grant Program

The Marketing Matching Grant (MMG) program is designed to increase visitation and tourism spending in Missouri. Approved DMO media projects are reimbursed at 50% up to the approved application amount. The media buying leverage provided through media placement by the Division's ad agency, coupled with the match of state funds, provides meaningful financial incentive to participants and a significant economic benefit to the State of Missouri.

Eligible applicants - This opportunity is available to all certified DMOs
Application requirements - Completed applications are due at the MDT office in Jefferson City by the dates and times listed on the program calendar. Applications arriving late will not be considered for funding. Application forms and instructions are available on the website. The due date for MMG applications can be found on the fiscal year calendar.
In-state and out-of-state requirements - For CTLS 5 - 7 only, a minimum of 75 percent of ad placements through the MMG program must target out-of-state markets.
Qualified media/markets - Advertising funded through the Marketing Matching Grant program must be selected from an approved list of media in approved markets.
Review process - MDT reviews the Marketing Matching Grant applications on a pass/fail basis for completeness and program compliance.
MDT logo - All funded marketing activities must display the official tourism logo, according to the specifications described in the Missouri Style Guide.
Quarterly reporting/reimbursement of expenses - Quarterly reporting of marketing activities is required for all MMG contracts with the submission of the Quarterly Project Update/Reimbursement Request form.
Project modifications - Any changes to the approved and funded project must be requested in writing and approved by MDT prior to the placement of ads.
Outcome and measurement requirements - Refer to the Marketing Matching Grant Program and Reports Guide.

Marketing Platform Development Program

The Marketing Platform Development (MPD) is a 50/50 matching grant program for one-time marketing investments that will be utilized beyond the fiscal year of the initial investment. Eligible projects include those that provide for development, improvement or expansion of tourism marketing programs and products designed to increase tourism from outside the area for greater economic impact. Each year, MDT will develop a list of platform project opportunities available for the current fiscal year. However, other platform requests can be submitted for review to be included in the next fiscal year.

Allocation - The total for all grants under this program differ by program year; however, each grant awarded shall be limited to no more than $5,000 and shall be matched by non-state dollars.
Eligible applicants - This opportunity is available to CTLs 4 or less, certified and non-certified DMOs.
Application - Completed applications are due at the MDT office in Jefferson City by the dates and times listed on the program calendar. Applications arriving late will not be considered for funding. Application forms and instructions are available on the website. The MPD opportunities will be made available on the website on the date listed on the fiscal year calendar.
Review process - Each platform has a limited amount of funding available. MDT and the PMFAC will review the applications on a pass/fail basis for completeness and program compliance. Amounts of match will be awarded based on the available budget, number of partners applying and quality of the application.
Selection process - No applicant may receive more than one MPD grant per fiscal year; no applicant may receive funding for a platform for which they received funding in a prior year.
Reimbursement request/Project summary report - The reimbursement request/project summary report and copies of the grant project (example: social media strategic plan, creative strategy, profile study) must be submitted 60 days following the completion of the project. Only one request for reimbursement is allowed per DMO under the MPD grant program.

Website Development Platform

Design/Upgrade/Mobilization - Design or upgrade your website to include focused calls-to-action, enhanced images and simplified navigation to allow your visitors to find the information quickly and easily. If your website is not yet optimized for mobile, consider a responsive web design. A responsive web design enables your website to react to a user's actions and detects the medium where the site is currently being watched in order to provide the best experience possible to the user.

Social Media Strategy Platform

Develop a social media strategic plan to determine which social network connects you with your target audience, determine best content types and outreach tactics, and reach targeted followers that generate more qualified leads for your organization.

DMOs may contract with a social media strategist to develop a social media strategy that includes: research and discovery, strategy development, implementation planning, and measurement.

Visitor Profile Study

MDT will assist industry partners in the funding of a Visitor Profile Study. This research provides you a profile of your visitor based on demographic and behavioral characteristics such as age, income, travel party, activities, and expenditures. Knowing this information will enable you to market to your target audience more efficiently and effectively.

Creative Strategy

DMOs may contract with an ad agency or marketing communication agency to develop a creative strategy. The contracted agency will evaluate the marketing and promotional situation to determine what needs to be communicated to the marketer's target audience. A strong memorable identity for the brand through image marketing communication will be developed.

Educational Opportunities

The webinars are designed to help program participants better understand and achieve maximum results from Promote Missouri Fund programs. Each presentation covers one specific topic. Interested individuals may click on the links below to see and hear the educational sessions when it is convenient for them.

We invite you to check back with us often. We will continue to add to the list of available webinars and make sure that the sessions listed are up-to-date. Due to the consistency of the programs, we will continue to use the FY2018 educational materials and they will only be updated if/when the program is changed.

Artwork Pre-Approval Webinar - 4 min. Provides instruction on the completion and submission of ad approvals for the MMG program. NEW 2/7/17
Budget Grid Webinar - 4 min. Provides instruction on the completion of the MMG budget grid.. NEW 2/7/17
Marketing Matching Grant Quarterly Reporting Webinar - 7 min. Provides instruction on the completion and submission of the MMG Quarterly Reporting Packet. NEW 2/7/17

Webinar Mock Documents

Mock Artwork Pre-Approval Form
Mock Artwork Pre-Approval Form - Multiple Publications
Mock Budget Grid
Mock MMG Quarterly Reporting Packet