Add A Coupon to Your VisitMO Listing

Did you know you can connect special offers or discounts with your VisitMO listing? VisitMO offers users the opportunity to showcase their coupons and discounts for FREE!

Here's how to add a coupon to VisitMO:

Login with your username and password. If you don't have a username and password, click here to learn how to obtain one (it's FREE). After you login, click the Manage My Listings and Event button. You'll be directed to your personal account page. There, you see four tabs: Listings, Events, Travel Guide, Coupons.

• Click on the Coupons tab.

• Click Add New.

• The form that follows seeks several pieces of information:
      » In the Name field, enter the name of your business or event.
      » Next, add an image to add to the coupon.
      » Then, in the Offer field, give a quick statement of your offer (ex: Stay Two Nights, Get Third Free).
      » In the Description field, tell readers a little about your offer and a bit about your business (there is a character limit, so keep it brief).
      » In the Restrictions field, enter any limitations (ex: not valid holiday weekends).
      » Finally, enter the coupon's start date and end date. Please note, the start date is the date the coupon will appear live on VisitMO. If you
         want your coupon to appear live before it's actually usable (in other words, you want people to see the coupon in April when they might not
         redeem it until May), please keep that in mind when you select your start date.
      » Click the Save button, then take a look at your coupon with the Preview function. If you see any mistakes, close the preview, make edits and
         Save again.

After you Save and Preview your coupons, navigate to the next tab, which is where you select the business/event with which your coupon should be associated. You can navigate through the available listings by typing keywords in the search box that's available. Make sure you complete this step in the process; this is how your coupon ends up on your specific business/event page on VisitMO.

The final tab in the coupons form is the submit button. Once you're satisfied with the coupon, click submit and you'll be directed back to your personal account page. If you'd like to see the coupons currently listed on VisitMO, please click here.

If you run into technical difficulties during the submission process, send an email to, and someone from our staff will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note, if you send a request outside of normal business hours, or during weekends, it will be the next business day before someone replies.