About the Division

The Missouri Division of Tourism promotes the growth of Missouri's travel industry-thus creating jobs, tax revenue and economic development.

Through a paid advertising program, the Division promotes Missouri's vacation opportunities. Advertising has the goals of creating a positive image of Missouri and increasing visitation and length of stay. Much of the Division's work is designed to meet changing trends in the travel/tourism industry.

Research projects are conducted on a continuous basis to determine the size, growth and needs of Missouri's travel industry.

The Division regularly works with national research firms to assess subjects including the effect of travel spending on the state's economy, tax revenue derived from travel spending and employment generated through tourism.


Contact the Division at:


Missouri Division of Tourism
P.O. Box 1055
Jefferson City, MO 65102


Tel: (573) 751-4133
Fax: (573) 751-5160
Travel Information: (800) 519-2100